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Do I need a full class to learn body sugaring?

A full course is always appropriate when learning anything in the esthetic industry. Learning from social media is not enough to make sure you aren’t harming your clients. Earning a professional sugaring certificate ensures your clients know they’re in good hands, and allows you to flourish because you have all the proper knowledge to succeed.

What happens if I get stuck?

If you get stuck apply a little powder to the edge of your mould and flick with strength. Leaving the product alone for two minutes and returning with ensure the skin underneath the product has cooled down and the product with come off easily.

Why is my sugar melting?

If you’re newer to body sugaring it could be you are using too soft a paste. You can simply mix in a little bit of sugar you would use for a Brazilian area (Resort Ready, Resort Summer) and it will fix the situation. * Note body sugaring is meant to be performed in a cool room. It should feel cool to the client as they enter. They will sweat quickly while in treatment. In a cool room your product will not melt at all.

Do I need a sugar warmer?

A proper sugar warmer ensures the product does not heat too much in the jar. We don’t want to overheat our product; we also don’t want to burn our clients. A wax warmer will render your sugar too hot, defeating the purpose why your customers have come for sugaring. A microwave will create hot patches throughout, and can burn yourself and your client.

What if my clients wont switch to sugaring from waxing?

It has always been my experience that when you add a new service you must offer a discount the first week or two. Once the clients try body sugaring they will never ask to be waxed, even at a higher price point.

I have taken a course in the past elsewhere and I am not confident at my technique, what can I do?

We always provide on going support to our students, even if you were not a student enrolled in a Lauren’s Sugar & Spice class we can set you up with a refresher course in person or online to get you confident and on your way.

How do I know what paste to use for what service?

For large areas, you want something pliable and not too firm. This allows you to move at a quicker pace and not cause discomfort to your client. For any large area, back, chest, or legs I recommend the Perfect Paste or the Perfect Summer. The Perfect Summer is not as soft as the Perfect Paste so depending on your working environment you can decide which you prefer or mix them together.

When working on small areas or coarse hair types you would use the Resort Ready or Resort Summer. Again, these can be mixed or used alone depending on preference and the temperature of the environment you sugar in.

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